Sunday, September 01, 2013

I miss you Psyche !

Psyche Abraham: From Kippers to Karimeen, A Life
In tribute to my wonderful friend Psyche Abraham who passed away recently I am re-posting her recipes for Chicken Tarragon and mashed potatoes. I have never had better mashed potatoes and neither will you till you make them like Psyche. I wish I had taken a photograph of these two dishes when she made it for me in Trivandrum many years ago. RIP Psyche (April 1, 1936 - July 15, 2013)

Try Psyche Abraham's Chicken Tarragon and Mashed Potatoes. I once visited Psyche when she used to live in Trivandrum and I was making dinner. Psyche was appalled to hear my method of making mashed potaoes and instantly went into the kitchen and showed me how its done right! I couldn't resist sharing the recipe with you and I'll post more recipes from Psyche as we go along.
Psyche has written a book - From Kippers to Karimeen, A Life
In India, its been published by Roli books and available at all leading book stores.
Chicken Tarragon (for four)
4 whole legs i.e. thighs and drumsticks cut into two and preferably with skin on. Butter - a generous lump Salt, pepper, and dried tarragon. Brown the chicken in butter and put in an oven-proof casserole that has a lid Sprinkle with salt pepper and tarragon (tarragon may be substituted for mixed herbs or rosemary). Pour the remains of the butter in which the chicken was fried over it all, cover and cook for about 45 mins to 1 hour in a 180 oven. This is amazingly simple but delicious and a favourite with all my family.

Mashed potato (also called duchesse potatoes if you want to be fancy).
Select good firm large or medium sized potatoes. Peel and cut into quarters or eigths and boil until soft (but not too soft) in salted water. Strain as soon as cooked i.e. while the potatoes are still hot and mash with a fork. Add a lump of butter and mix in, then add a couple of desertspoons of milk, mix in and then beat vigorously till the potatoes become light and fluffy which will never happen if the potatoes are mashed cold!. Serve hot.

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