Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I once made this egg curry along with lots of other fairly elaborate food, but its the egg curry that got the most attention and what everyone liked best ! It takes only 15 minutes to make and it is best eaten with green beans and plain rice.

Boil 6 eggs, and slice down the middle, keep aside
Heat a tablespoon of any vegetable oil, throw in a pinch of fenugreek/methi seeds
Add a pinch of cumin/ zeera seeds
Lightly fry one sliced onion ,3 slit green chillies, a few juliennes of fresh ginger
Stir till onions cook, but not brown
Add a few curry leaves
Pinch of turmeric

Blend one tablespoon of flour into 1 cup of room temperature milk and add it to the masala. Keep stirring. Add the boiled eggs.
Once it bubbles on the corners and the gravy thickens, turn it off
Add half a capful of vinegar and chopped fresh coriander as a garnish

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