Monday, March 31, 2008

Taiji's RAAN

Meet Krishna Jaitly. She's actually my friend Aditi's Taiji, not mine, but I grew up knowing her as TAIJI. Sitting next to her on the right is TAUJI! I grew up eating many wonderful meals with Taiji and Tauji and the rest of Aditi's extended family in Delhi.

Taiji makes the best mutton RAAN! SO if you're craving to eat Raan, it really is very easy to make at home and especially if you have a recipe as easy as this one.

All measures are level
1Kg leg of lamb with fat removed & well gashed-- fairly deep gashes

1 teaspoon each ginger & garlic paste
3 teaspoons Salt
1 tsp Jeera & dhaniya powder
1 tsp Chili powder

2 medium onions grated
2 cups beaten curd

Mix all above ingredients well & rub well into meat & then marinate it in the balance
for at least 6 hours & up to 24 hours

Next fry till a deep brown (not burnt) 4 thinly sliced onions. Remove the
onions & in the same oil sauté 3 black elichi, 4 cloves, 1 stick cinnamon 5
corns of pepper& 2 bay leaves.

Remove the meat from the marinade scraping off as much of the marinade as possible & brown it along with the cloves etc. In the mean while crush the browned onions and add it to the marinade & mix well. Add the marinade to the browning meat covering it well along
with 3 to 4 green cardamoms.

Now put the meat in an oven at the lowest
temperature covered with a lid or foil. Keep turning the meat & covering it
with the cooking marinade till the meat is tender. If at this stage there is
a lot of liquid is left take the meat out & dry the liquid on an open flame,
when dry enough add the meat again warm it & serve.

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Anonymous said...

I can actually vouch for the raan having made it in my slow cooker to the joy of my family...