Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Pottery from Nagaland

Black pottery from NagalandI've cooked a few dishes in this beautiful black pottery vessel made of clay and stone. The clay pot is unique to Manipur and Nagaland where this age old tradition of making black pottery is still being practiced by some communities. Serpentine and weather rock is mixed in the ratio of 3:2 to make the clay for this hand moulded pottery and it is heated for over 10 hours before giving it the rich black colour which comes from a local plant called Chiron-na. The pot retains heat very efficiently and the food gets a lovely smoky earthy taste to it too.

At the Dastakar Nature Bazaar fair in Bangalore I bought another small sized pot in a similar shape and was lucky to meet N.A Shimray who runs a shop in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi called NORTHEASTERN where she sells this beautiful pottery and Naga bead jewellery.


poo said...

hi ria,
you could also check out the beautiful cookware made by Kumbham - see their website
They were there at Dastkar too - and also will be here at Ant (the Northest NGO store in Indiranagar) in December for an exhibition.

Ria Patel said...

Thanks! I think this amazing cookware is India's answer to Le Creuset !

Kalika said...

Ria, I have just bought one of these too. Does one have to season it or something before cooking?Also, can we put it in the oven?
What is it best used for?
slow cooking meat dishes?

Ria Patel said...

Hi Kalika,
To season: Cook some rice in extra water and fill the vessel with the rice water after draining the rice. Leave it overnight and then clean out. Do this about 2-3 times. I think it made a difference

I have cooked vegetables, meat, rice mixed with veggies, sprouts and almost any dish in it, since I have this dish in about 3 sizes. :-)

I haven't put it in the oven yet, will find out.

Ming Lo said...

Hi Ria,

Aren't they just beautiful pots! I have just been to Dehli and bought one of them from Dili Market. Do you know whether it can be used on an electric cooktop, as opposed to open flame? I don't want to crack it!

Ankit Garg said...

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