Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chitra Ghose's Bengali Food

Chitra GhoseMeet Chitra Ghose, one of Delhi's renowned Bengali food caterers who also happens to consult with the ITC group for their Bengali cuisine. She made a fabulous meal for me recently in Delhi and while I don't have the recipes with me I thought I should feature some of the things I ate.

That evening she made small karelas fried with onions and very little masala, Lau Bori ( Lauki with urad dal baris), baked bekti with mustard sauce, Moori Ghonto (fish head); all this eaten withsteaming hot plain rice. We ended the meal with delicious mishti dohi from C R park market.

To order food from Chitra Ghose, you can contact her at
Tel: 011 29240213, or Mobile: 98106 78663

Fish Head, Moori Ghonto

Fish Head

Baked Bekti with Mustard Sauce

Baked Bekti with mustard sauce

Lauki with Baris, Lau Bori

Lauki cooked with Baris


Anonymous said...

could you pls help me out. i don't understand bengali. and there is this wonderful recipe of kala jamun on this site. i would like it if you could pls pls translate it in English for me. pls . thanks

Ria Patel said...

Hi, I don't understand much bengali either and this post is about Chitra Ghose's food - she lives in Delhi. Sorry.

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