Monday, May 05, 2008

Le Crueset

Le Crueset Cast Iron French Round OvenMy friend PB suggested I should also blog about my kitchenware that I quite unashamedly consider my most valuable possessions. I more than just LOVE my favourite cookware, spatula, silicon whisk..... I could go on. PB notices each item in my kitchen with great enthusiasm, and so we share our views and news not just about the food thats been cooked, but what its been cooked in too!

For starters I'll introduce my flaming orange Le Crueset french round oven. Le Crueset boasts that "Cast iron Round French Ovens have long been the cookware of choice for French chefs. The cast iron construction has superior heat retention, which makes it easy to cook at very low temperatures for extended periods of time. The tight fitting lids help to seal in moisture allowing for tender meat dishes and flavorful soups and stews."

I will more than agree! I have made excellent meat roasts, stews, soups in this dish. Its also great for Indian curries and vegetables. Today I'm making Kerala beef curry in it and shall post the results of it tomorrow! The dish is heavy I'll admit, so it can be a bit challenging when moving it off the fire, or when pouring the food out, but for me its worth all the trouble in the world.

I should add a thank you to Priya and Jacob who gave me this dish as a wedding gift. I think I hinted so much at how much I'd love to have a Le Crueset dish that Priya indulged me.

I have a small Le Crueset saucepan and frying pan too!


nandita said...

Le Crueset is very much on my wish list, i have been eyeing a Caribbean blue set, but waiting till i move to my bigger house :)

It's fun that you're sharing your fav cookware:)

Poornima said...

looking forward to more in the series on much loved kitchen/cook ware!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ria...Im looking to buy the exact same color. It was a toss up between the yellow and Orange one but I guess I settled for this one. What is the size of your duch oven? I was thinking of buying something close to 8 qrts - I think le crueset has a 7 1/4 quarts. Should I go bigger/smaller? AP (NYC...yes we have a friend in common :))

Ria Patel said...

AP, I have an # 22 engraved on the lid and bottom of the dutch oven and no longer sure how many qrts it is unfortunately. The size is perfect when I'm cooking for a group of 6 -8, which is always the case with me. Even when you're cooking for yourself, you'll cook at least 1/2 a kg of any dish and keep the leftovers- most curries taste better the next day !! One warning, Le Crueset is way too heavy, not a great cook and serve option either. For Indian curries, it doesn't brown onions well , it almost chars them and so you have to constantly stir. But its great for searing meat first and then making dishes like a roast, stews,and things like beef fry, pork chops... There are now several options available that work well like it but not necessarily so heavy that you may want to consider? Can mail you my PhD research paper on the subject if you're interested.
And yes, meeting up with friend in common was such an amazing story!! I'm mailing you about guest blogging on Ria's Kitchen?